„I first heard him in a Revuebar in Vienna. He sang Bob Dylan songs, mostly the gruesome ballads about slavery, blood and thunder, with a dark, hoarse voice in which the spirits of Howlin’ Wolf and Blind Willie Johnson seemed to reside.“ – Maik Brüggemeyer, Rolling Stone Magazin

„He has a voice one likes to listen to: Raw, raucous, knowing. The voice of someone who has seen a lot in his life.“ – Hagen Haas, General-Anzeiger, Bonn

NABIL is a writer, musician and composer with austrian/egyptian origins who lives currently in Vienna.
His first solo-CD RELOCATED was released in september 2018, his second CD M’ZUNGU BLUES – Nabil feat. Primus Sitter, Live @ Jazzland in 2020.

As a writer he is known as Alfred Goubran. He published and translated a variety of books (novels, essays, poems …) and founded the publishing house edition selene.

2010 he started his first music-project [goubran] (two CDs and one record).

2022 he published the first EP „thalweg“ of the project GINGGANZ.